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Simplified Security for Your Website’s Safety. Instantly!

Discover hassle-free protection that keeps your website safe 24/7, without the complexity.

AI-Enhanced Security Monitoring

Keep threats at bay with our AI-driven monitoring systems, leveraging advanced algorithms to predict and prevent attacks before they happen. Enjoy the ease of automated website protection.

Global Protection Coverage

Our security knows no borders. With multilingual threat detection capabilities, we safeguard your website against global threats, ensuring your digital presence is secure no matter where you or your visitors are.


Customizable Security Templates

Choose from a suite of tailored security templates designed for specific threats. From phishing defense to malware blocks, we make it easy to fortify your site with just a few clicks.

Intuitive Security Dashboard

Stay informed with our user-friendly dashboard, providing you with real-time insights into your website’s security status, alerting you instantly to any concerns, and simplifying site management.

Seamless Security Integration

Export your security reports and configurations with ease. Integrate Cirl’s robust protection seamlessly into your existing workflows, maintaining the highest security standards with minimal fuss.

24/7 Supportive Guidance

Got a question or facing a challenge? Our dedicated support team is just a click away. Get personalized assistance to keep your website secure and your mind at ease.

Secure Payment Gateways with Prevention

Transactions on your site are shielded with Cirl’s ironclad payment security. Leveraging advanced prevention techniques, we ensure every payment gateway remains a bastion of trust and reliability.

Dynamic Threat Resolution

Adapt and overcome with Cirl’s dynamic resolution feature. When a security incident is detected, not only are you notified, but Cirl also springs into action, adapting its defense protocols in real-time. This means instant response to new threats, keeping your website as resilient as it is robust.

Proactive Detection

Stay one step ahead with Cirl’s vigilant detection — your early warning system against the darkest corners of the web. We constantly scan and sniff out any hint of trouble, keeping your website impermeable to even the stealthiest threats.

Effortless Cleanup

Encountered a cyber spill? Cirl sweeps in with a no-sweat cleanup. Our smart technology dives deep to eradicate malware, leaving your website spotless and secure. With us, it’s like threats never happened.

Preemptive Prevention

Cirl isn’t just about defense; we’re your digital offense against cyber threats. Our barrier is always up with a protective shield woven from the most robust security threads, ensuring your website is untouchable.

Insightful Reporting

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to website security. Cirl’s reports are your eyes and ears, offering you crystal-clear insights into your website’s health. Stay informed, stay secure, and always be prepared.

We have a lot of features. Start by learning about Cirl.

Next-gen website security

The future of website security.

🛡️ Detection

Think of Cirl as your own personal detective, constantly on the lookout for anything suspicious. We keep an eye on your website so you don’t have to, detecting anything out of the ordinary before it becomes a problem. It’s like having a 24/7 security guard who doesn’t take coffee breaks.

Vulnerability Scans

Malware Detection

Security Patches


Heuristic Scans

Website Hardening

More coming soon

So, what can  you do with this?

24-Hour Security Monitoring

Set up Cirl for continuous monitoring, and sleep easy knowing your site is under constant surveillance.

Immediate Threat Detection

Activate instant detection to catch malware as it arrives, keeping your site clean in real time.

Automated Security Alerts

Configure alerts to stay informed. If anything suspicious pops up, you’ll know immediately.

Scheduled Daily Scans

Plan for daily automated scans that work around your schedule, ensuring daily peace of mind.

Quick Cleanup Tools

Utilize Cirl’s quick cleanup to easily remove any threats found, maintaining a clean site environment.

Database Security Check

Run security checks on your database to prevent and clean up any infections without manual intervention.

Protective Measures Implementation

Implement Cirl’s protective measures to guard against vulnerabilities and secure your site proactively.

Live Update Application

Take advantage of live updates to apply the latest security patches and keep your defenses strong.

Custom Report Generation

Create custom reports to track the security health of your site and audit logs for compliance.

Team Security Collaboration Agency

Use Cirl to collaborate with your team on security matters, ensuring everyone is aligned and proactive.

Security Analytics Review

Review security analytics to make informed decisions on how to improve and fortify your site’s defenses.

Maintaining Optimal UX

Ensure a seamless user experience by using Cirl to manage security without impacting site performance.

Still have a question? Browse documentation or submit a ticket.

Vulnerability Scans

Malware Detection

Security Patches


Heuristic Scans

Website Hardening

Report Whitelabeling

Oversee Website Security
with API Access.

Monitor every aspect of your website's security through Cirl's comprehensive dashboard. Track and analyze a multitude of data points that not only reflect traffic but also the intricacies of user behaviour, all while maintaining stringent control over access.

Leverage the power of Cirl to tap into deep insights that inform you of the security state of your website. Identity patterns, anticipate potential threats, and implement strategic defenses that are informed by a rich data tapestry. With Cirl, you're not just responding to threats, you're predicting them.

The process

How does Cirl keep you secure?

Secure Your Startup
E-commerce Peace of Mind
Blog with Bravery
Protect Your Portfolio
Safeguard Student Data
Connect Your Platform

Link up your website with Cirl in a snap. Just enter your site’s URL and credentials, and let us weave our security magic. It’s the first step to a fortress-like defense.

Start Virus Scan

With the click of a button, initiate a comprehensive virus scan. Cirl's algorithms scour through your site, seeking out any potential threats with the precision of a digital detective.

View Results Live

Watch the action as it happens. Cirl’s live results dashboard gives you a play-by-play of the security scan, ensuring you’re up-to-date with the latest intel on your website’s health.


Real Stories.

Built for integration

Works on your fav platforms.

API Access

More platform are coming soon... We appreciate your patience!


90% off

One Time Payment

90% off

Limited Time





Best for soloprenures who are actively trying to protect their website.


Best for growing startups who want protect themself from cyber attacks.


Best for agencies who provide security to all the clients websites and their code.

Number of Websites


Daily Security Scans

Unlimited Malware Detection

Email Alerts

Account Access

Upto 5 team member

LLM Scans

Upto 1K web pages
Upto 2.5K web pages
Upto 5K web pages

Security Patches

Live, Automated
Live, Automated
Live, Automated

Preventive Measure

Heuristic Scans, Website Hardening
Heuristic Scans, Website Hardening
Heuristic Scans, Website Hardening

Malware DB

Complete (9M+)
Complete (9M+)
Complete (9M+)


Basic on Detection
Enhanced with Database Support
Comprehensive Including Databases


Extended with PDF Summaries
Full Suite with Sharing & Whitelabeling

Attack Protection

Brute Force, SQL Injection, Heartbeat API, Access Control, Ransomware, Pingbacks & Trackbacks
Brute Force, SQL Injection, Heartbeat API, Access Control, Ransomware, Pingbacks & Trackbacks
Brute Force, SQL Injection, Heartbeat API, Access Control, Ransomware, Pingbacks & Trackbacks

Standard Support

Standard Support

Priority Support



10,000 words of AI text usage per month, basic content optimization, no personalization.

Volume Based Pricing
API Access

Templates Limited 25

Ai text usage 300 Words


Free Trial



200,000 words of AI text usage per month, expert content optimization, and personalization.

Volume Based Pricing
API Access

Templates Limited 50

Ai text usage 4000 Words

Support Limited

Money Back Guarantee



Contact us For Custom Plans tailored to Your business

Volume Based Pricing
API Access

Templates Unlimited

Ai text usage Unlimited

Support Priority Support

Contact us for Custom Plan

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WordPress Hardening

Injection Shield

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Database Security

User Registration Security

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Disable trace and track

Query String Defense

Protect against Cross Site Scripting

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iFrame Blocker

Settings Export/Import

Plugin Support

404 Logger

Bot Blocker

59x more secure

Compared to Standard Security Measures