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Getting Started with Cirl

In this chapter, we’ll guide you through the process of logging into the Cirl application. This is the first step to accessing the suite of web security tools designed to keep your website protected.

Detailed Steps:

Accessing the Login Page:

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the Cirl login page at
  • Bookmark this page for quick access in the future.

Entering Your Credentials:

  • Enter your registered email address in the “Email address” field.
  • Type your password in the “Password” field. Ensure you enter it correctly, as it is case-sensitive.

Troubleshooting Login Issues:

  • If you’ve forgotten your password, click the “Forgot password?” link to reset it.
  • Should you encounter any issues logging in, ensure that you have an active internet connection and that you are using the email address associated with your Cirl account.

Logging In:

  • Once you’ve entered your details, click the “Log in” button to access your dashboard.

Creating a New Account:

  • If you do not have a Cirl account, click “Register instead” to be redirected to the sign-up page where you can create a new account.


  • After logging in, you’ll be taken to your Cirl dashboard where you can manage your website’s security settings, view reports, and perform security scans.

Here you would see an image of the login page, illustrating where to enter your login credentials and where to find the ‘Forgot password?’ and ‘Register instead’ options.

Tips for a Successful Login:

  • Keep your login credentials secure and do not share them with unauthorized individuals.
  • Consider using a password manager to remember your login details.
  • Ensure your browser is updated to the latest version for the best experience with the Cirl application.

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