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Navigating Cirl – A Simplified Guide

Welcome to Cirl, your go-to web security platform, designed to offer robust protection for your website with minimal fuss. Founded by Krishna Anubhav, Cirl stands for Cyber Intelligence Reporting Layer and functions seamlessly as an antivirus for your WordPress site.

Connecting Your Website

1. Initiating Protection: Start by connecting a domain; in this guide, we’ll reconnect Rankatom as an example. The process is as simple as confirming the domain you wish to protect.

2. Confirmation and Connection: After connecting your domain, Cirl will begin to collate and analyze your website data.

Security Data Overview

  • Safety Status: Upon data analysis completion, Cirl will provide a security score indicating the safety of your website.
  • Updates and Signatures: Addressing concerns regarding update frequency, understand that Cirl updates weekly. It continuously adapts by integrating new virus signatures into its database as they emerge in real-time.

Key Checks

  • Exploring Security Checks: In the Key Checks section, hovering over the “i” icons will reveal detailed information about each security aspect Cirl monitors.
  • Comprehensive Security Details: View DNS records, SSL certificates, domain signatures, subdomains, and WHOIS directories for an all-encompassing security profile.

Integration with WordPress

  • Plugin Installation: Download and install the Cirl WordPress plugin.
  • API Key Activation: Locate and copy the API key from your Cirl dashboard, insert it into the WordPress plugin settings, and verify the connection.
  • API Status: Check the API status on the Cirl dashboard to ensure it’s active and refresh the page to update the connection status.

Additional Features

  • Server Performance: The Node Status section provides insights into the performance of Cirl’s own servers.
  • Country Blocking: Utilize the country blocking feature to comply with international data protection regulations like GDPR or CCPA.

Reporting and Compliance

  • Generating Reports: Easily generate and download comprehensive security reports directly from the dashboard.
  • Whitelabel Reports: Customize reports with your agency’s branding, adding your name and logo for a professional touch.

Virus Testing and Subscriptions

  • Test Virus Feature: Verify the safety of individual files with Cirl’s free virus testing tool.
  • Subscription Benefits: Consider automating the entire scanning process by subscribing to Cirl’s services for regular and thorough website scans.

The Accelerator

  • Resource Hub: Access the Accelerator section for resources, tips, and guidance on maximizing the benefits of Cirl.


  • Simplicity and Accessibility: Our goal is to make Cirl intuitive and accessible for users of all levels.
  • Feedback and Community: We encourage users to share their experiences and suggestions for Cirl in the comments.

Next Steps

  • Trial and Adoption: Test Cirl’s capabilities with the free scanner and consider how its full suite can serve your web security needs.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay tuned for the next chapter where we delve deeper into each feature and offer advanced tips for securing your website with Cirl.

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